novembre 2019

The Trouble with Adrenergic Stress
AIC Kongress Graz
Chairmen Prim. Dr. Kainz and Prof. Dr. Hasibeder

The Annual Conference (AIC) of the Austrian Society for Anaesthesiology, Resuscitation and Intensive Care Medicine – better known as ÖGARI  – took place in mid-November at the Congress Graz.






The event brought more than 1,000 participants from the following specialized areas together:

  • clinical anesthesiology
  • intensive care
  • emergency medicine
  • pain medicine
  • palliative care

Physicians and expert personnel from the above-mentioned disciplines use this conference every year to learn about the latest developments in these areas and to discuss current issues. Individual sessions focused on topics such as intensive care ventilation, news from pain medicine, perioperative medicine, ICU in pre-clinic, emergencies in palliative medicine, hot topics in intensive care medicine, medical law topics, and much more. Furthermore, there are also courses for advanced training, such as the half-day emergency refresher course on the last day.


Scientific Symposium


In this context of specialized medicine of anesthesiology, AMOMED invited to a scientific symposium with the overarching theme “The Trouble with Adrenergic Stress – New Precision and Control. Without Previous Compromises.” The symposium began with a welcome by the two chairmen:

The topics highlighted were:

  • The vicious circle of under-perfusion and shock – Current significance of vasopressin – presented by Doz. Dr. J. Knotzer, MSc from Klinikum Wels-Grieskirchen
  • Overcoming existing limits of ß-antagonists with highly selective landiololol – presented by Prof. PD Dr. A. Duma, MSc of AKH Vienna

We welcomed more than 100 people in the audience, which is a strong indication that the topics that were discussed are of great interest for these fields.


AMOMED‘s Offer for Cardiology and Intensive Care Medicine


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