January 2020

Review 2019/Outlook 2020: An Interview with GM Dr. Kneissl-Mayer
Intensiv Care Emergency Medicine Sepsis
AMOMED Pharma General Manager Dr. Günther Kneissl-Mayer

What were the milestones or major developments in 2019?


First of all, doubling our sales was a huge success. In Austria, Trisuva® was the main contributor, which demonstrates the great potential of this product. The core cardiovascular portfolio (Empressin®, Esmocard®, Rapibloc®) also showed great growth with +53%. Austria was the first country to sell almost 1,000 units of Rapibloc® 300mg in one month. The successful completion of the DCP (decentralized procedure) for Tresuvi® as well as the submission of further approvals was of great importance for our future.

We also hired nearly 30 new employees in 2019 and were able to integrate them quickly.


What sets AMOMED apart from other pharmaceutical companies?


AMOMED is a relatively small player in the pharmaceutical world in terms of our company size. We have to take different avenues in almost all areas. This shapes our strategy and culture. At AMOMED, every single employee is challenged to find and implement solutions with entrepreneurial spirit and tenacity.


What are the expected milestones for 2020?


For me, 2020 is just the overture for greater success to come. We want to conquer Europe and other countries with Trisuva®, Rapibloc® and Empressin®. Our aspiration is to develop entire markets and convince our customers of the enormous benefits of our products.

I see 2020 as a year of consolidation, as a brief period of calm before the storm of making a big leap in 2021. The most important milestones will be to complete DCP2 and to change our Trisuva® manufacturer within a set timeframe. We are also seeking reimbursement for Rapibloc® by social security insurance in Italy and Greece at an acceptable price and we will pursue the reimbursement for Empressin® in France and Spain. We also intend to complete the registration process for a second manufacturer for Empressin® and Rapibloc®.


How do you assess the current economic situation in the pharmaceutical industry in Europe?


Although the overall economic situation has deteriorated, I expect a positive year for the pharmaceutical industry. Many new innovations with great benefits will be introduced. The high price of the new products will be the real challenge. How will the industry justify these prices and how can national healthcare systems raise and adapt to the costs? I am convinced that this will trigger far-reaching changes in the way healthcare systems are financed.


Which characteristics of your employees do you consider particularly valuable? What do you wish for AMOMED’s employees?


I have already partly addressed this topic earlier. There is no single most important factor for me. A great strength lies in the diversity of views and characters. AMOMED has a mission statement that states how we want to treat each other and what the expectations are of each employee. Those who want to join us should know what we ask of them. I would be very happy, if our employees feel that their work at AMOMED contributes to the success of the company, to their own happiness and to society at large.


What did you learn as General Manager of AMOMED in the last 3 years? What are you most proud of?


I had to learn that my previous experiences only help to some extent. I had to remain open to new ideas and often change my own way of thinking. Many things turned out differently than we anticipated. It is important to me that we try things, draw quick conclusions and then quickly change course if it doesn’t work as originally planned.

I am extremely proud of the team spirit, the dynamics and the high level of commitment of our employees. A strong sense of team spirit is present.