March 2019

Paradigm Shift in Intensive Care

ani-kolleshi-640938-unsplashStandardized therapy was yesterday. Personalized treatment is today!


“Individualized Intensive Care Medicine” was the guiding theme of this year’s Vienna Intensive Care Days (Wiener Intensivmedizinische Tage), which were held at Vienna’s General Hospital (AKH)  February 13-15. The interdisciplinary event draws a large number of intensive care medicine experts and rookies from the German-speaking regions to Austria each year.


People Are Not Standardized Patients


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Wilfred Druml opened his lecture Do We Treat Mean Values? with a quote by the French physiologist Claude Bernard from the 19th century: “A doctor may treat his patients with medical means but not with mean values.”


This statement implies that even at that time, physicians contemplated whether patients should be treated based on an established standard without taking his individual needs into account. Dr. Druml advocates for ‘intensive care therapy based on the individual patient in his specific situation’. This does not mean, however, that physicians should disregard evidence from clinical studies. Instead, experience based knowledge should supplement data from clinical research, be adapted to individual patient needs and consequently lead to an optimized therapy.


For AMOMED, personalized therapy means that dosage quantities of the medication being administered need to be adjusted based on the patient’s profile and symptoms – we already take this into consideration during the development process of a medicinal product.


Also other presentations focused on the topic that patients should be looked at as ‚individuals’ with distinct medical conditions, rather than approaching the illness in general. These lectures included:

  • The Intensive Care Patient Between Subject and Object – Cornelius Borck
  • Each Intensive Care Patient Has His Own Disease – Andreas Valentin


Questions and Answers about Decatecholaminization


AMOMED Pharma offered visitors of the event an Update on Decatecholaminization as part of a Meet the Expert-Session hosted by Assistant.-Prof. Andreas Duma, MSc on the topic of Vasopressors and Beta-Blockers Perioperative and in the ICU. The discussion was met with great interest and followed by many questions about AMOMED’s substances related to the topic.


In case you missed the session at our booth, please contact to receive information.