Dicembre 2019

Our Hearts Beat for Children with Heart Disease
Teddyhaus Wien Herzkinder Österreich
Herzkinder Österreich supports families with children suffering from heart disease

Since 2018, AMOMED has participated in the annual Herzlauf (Heart Run), which is a charity event to raise money and awareness for children with heart disease and their families hosted by the organization Herzkinder Österreich (Heart Children Austria).

Therefore, it was clear for us that our annual Christmas donation should also go towards families with children with heart issues who need help.


Herzkinder Österreich – Helps Strenthen Children’s Hearts


Herzkinder Österreich was founded in December 2006 and has been helping parents of children with heart disease in dealing their fears and helplessness ever since. Those who are confronted with this diagnosis often do not know where to turn and how to get useful information to help their child. In this case, the organization offers a first point of contact.

However, not only resources about and for heart problems are made available. Herzkinder Österreich helps with care both before and after birth, provides housing for parents near children’s heart centers and supports them when dealing with authorities.

An equally important component, however, is the connection with other affected parents; not only to exchange experiences, but also to go on vacations together and to meet and support each other on a regular basis. The community makes people strong and those affected feel less alone in their distress.


The Teddy House – for Those Who Need a Bear Hug!


A very special kind of support for parents of children with heart diseases are the already mentioned accommodations near hospitals where these children are being cared for. These are known as Teddy Houses and take the worry off parents’ shoulders who are unable to stay overnight with their children at the hospital but would like to be nearby in order to be available for their child at any time; especially after surgery. The Teddy Houses are wheelchair accessible and also offer a common area where relatives can meet and talk about their children’s treatment progress.


Would you also like to show your heart for heart children?


If you would also like to support Herzkinder Österreich, you can find out more about how to make a contribution on their donation page.