octobre 2016

Decatecholaminization – the role of beta-blockers and vasopressors

Hot topics at ESICM LIVES 2016

 At this year’s ESICM LIVES 2016, held in Milano, Amomed was the host of one of the most interesting and exciting symposia “Decatecholaminizing the ICU patient – where are we now?” Renowned speakers and chairmen – Mervyn Singer (UK), Anthony Gordon (UK), Andrea Morelli (IT), Alain Rudiger (CH), Peter Radermacher (DE) – discussed in a 90 min. session the rationale of “Decatecholaminization”. The focus was on reducing the usage of catecholamines and breaking new ground with vasopressin and i.v. beta blockers especially in sepsis.

Source: P. Radermacher, slides ESICM LIVES 2016

The symposium found great interest among the congress visitors demonstrating the importance and relevance of the selected topics. That’s why we decided to share the individual presentations of this symposium with health care professionals.

If you would like to receive the lectures, please send your request to: hottopics@amomed.com. We will be happy to provide you the following presentations in mp4 format:

Peter Radermacher (Ulm, DE)
Rationale for ‘Decatecholaminization’ in the ICU: from Bench to Bedside
Mervyn Singer (London, UK)
Vasopressin role as vasopressor adjunct
Anthony Gordon (London, UK)
Beta-blockers in sepsis: new evidence and perspectives
Andrea Morelli (Roma, Italy)
Alain Rudiger (Zurich, CH)