Novembre 2019

Blended Learning – A New Training Approach at AMOMED
Amomed App blended learning training
The AMOMED App offers location independent learning

Those who recall their time in the classroom or in university lecture halls may still remember how differently students at any age absorb knowledge. Some read the material and can memorize the content. Others need several repetitions, and some may need a person to explain the material.




When we enter professional life, our learning behavior rarely changes, but the method of passing on information to employees is the same for everyone.


What is Blended Learning?


AMOMED Pharma chose a new approach for training our employees – and also business partners: Blended Learning. Blended Learning refers to a method which combines traditional learning, for example person to person (teacher to student or peer to peer) with modern learning techniques, for example, digital tools, for a sustainable knowledge transfer.


How does Blended Learning work at AMOMED?


At AMOMED, we have always provided a basic training by our medical team to both our new and also to our existing employees to refresh the information. Several times a year, our team comes together in Vienna to attend an intensive educational course about our products and the various patient profiles. But how can we preserve this knowledge?

To offer our employees and partners the opportunity to repeat what they have learned, regardless of time and place, AMOMED has developed a learning App in cooperation with the Institute of Microtraining. Our AMOMED App contains all the necessary learning materials in the form of documents, scientific and product information, studies and videos in order to delve deeper into the subject matter. In a next step, the user is prompted to recall the information learned by answering a set of a multiple-choice questions. Each question must be answered correctly three times before it disappears from the rotation.

The learning progress and success is evaluated statistically and shows where some additional in-person training may be helpful. Within the App, employees can also talk to each other via group chat or ask others for help.


What are the advantages of AMOMED’s Microtraining App?


Whether on the mobile phone at the airport, on the tablet while riding the bus or on the desktop at the office – the App offers a location independent learning option at any time of the day and can also be used offline on any device. The fact that each question must be answered correctly several times and the questions are asked in a playful manner contributes to a lasting learning effect.